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This project required a phased completion in order for our client to meet operational startup goals. The entire project started in August and was successfully completed prior to Thanksgiving to allow them to run at full capacity during the holiday season. The ALLY team overcame the main challenge on this project - material availability.  The project schedule moved quickly during a time in 2021 where material availability and transport delays were the norm. ALLY leveraged its relationships with subcontractors and material suppliers in the area to obtain material within the project schedule requirements. Scope included:


  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades and installation of an IT network to support logistics operations.

  • Installation for conveyor system, fiber backbone, CAT6 cabling, WAP system, perimeter security system, and supervising client hired contractors. 


Client: Confidential Manufacturing Client

Size: 300,000 Sq Ft

Type: Industrial, Distribution IT & Conveyor Upgrades

Duration: 4 Months

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