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As a cost savings effort, zone presence sensors were installed on 80 existing fume hoods spanning 24 different fully-occupied lab spaces. In situations when a lab occupant walked away from the fume hood with a raised sash, these sensors directed the fume hood to tune down its exhaust speed until someone entered the work area again. Each hood contained active chemistry, which posed safety concerns for the workers performing the installation. The ALLY Safety Team worked closely with the client subject matter experts to ensure all work was conducted in a safe manner. ALLY executed the work without delays and with minimal impact to the client as they were able to continue operations. Full scope of work included decontaminating the work area, purchasing and installing the sensors, and fully commissioning the new sensors and overall fume hoods so minimum airflows were met.


Client: Leading Pharmaceutical Research Company

Size: 13,000 Sq Ft

Type: Life Science Lab Work

Duration: 8 Weeks

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