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ALLY Construction Services successfully completed a Biosafe Cabinet (BSC) Replacement project for a prominent pharmaceutical research firm. This project involved the replacement of four biosafe cabinets and the installation of six controlled air valves within multiple active laboratories. Collaborating closely with an equipment vendor, we addressed field modifications prompted by lab constraints, all while working in conjunction with the client's craft trades and ALLY subcontractors.


Despite encountering unique challenges, such as scheduling work within a tight shutdown window provided by the lab, facilities management, and pre-work decontamination of existing biosafe cabinets, ALLY Construction Services swiftly overcame these hurdles. Concurrently, another project in the same building was overhauling the HVAC system, requiring effective coordination to prevent conflicts while ensuring client satisfaction.


Client: Leading Pharmaceutical Research Company

Type: Life Science Lab / Facilities Improvements

Duration: 11 Months (Non-Continuous)

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